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  Parents often email or call me with one question in mind--How can their children get into the university of their dreams? It's obvious that every student is different and there isn't one miracle approach that works unfailingly. However, it's clear about one thing, it's actually getting tougher to get into any highly rated university especially in particular departments such as engineering and medicine. There are just more overseas students and it's odd to say this, but with globalization and the use of the internet, children are getting smarter. I really wonder how future generations will turn out. It's a tougher world out there but it's also way cooler in many aspects.

In a way, I worry about the mental health and attitudes of our current youth. I really enjoy hanging out with them, but the conversation inevitably falls back to the stress they feel and how they wish they were back in grade 7. It is hence with a great deal of thought that I've put this manual together. It contains the different ways various students made it to their dream colleges. It also contains a bit of counselling as I have been privileged to become friends with a number of these students. They've gone through a fair bit and often, I've had to use some counselling and coaching techniques to help them find the best way to approach school and life in general. Below is the manual broken into chapter headings.I have made the manual affordable on this website.


The Sky's The Limit

  Content :

•  Chapter 1.
 Success and Self-acceptance

• Chapter 2.
  Your Life Purpose

• Chapter 3.
  Vital Admissions Facts you need to know
 Choosing and getting into a university
 The SAT Reasoning & Subject Tests
  The LPI Test for Canada
  Your grades and the GPA
 Class ranking
 Your portfolio
  The admissions choices
  The admissions rate
  The B students list

• Chapter 4.
  To Live Consciously and Happily

• Chapter 5.
  How To Write Admissions Essays for UBC, Berkeley or Harvard etc

• Chapter 6.
  How To Prepare For College In Grade 9 or Grade 12!

• Chapter 7.
  Good Study Habits
  Effective study methods
  How to study when you don't feel like it
  Organizational thinking
  Memory optimization

• Chapter 8.
  Solving Daily School Problems With The Right Methods
  Dealing with school issues using a methodical approach
  Dealing with classmates and friends
  Dealing with family
  Dealing with intimate relationships

• Chapter 9.
  Top Universities Rankings




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Help for LPI, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and Grade 12 Students by Michele Wong www.lpi-satessayhelp.com
 English Writing and Grammar Services for Grade 8 through University Levels in Vancouver BC
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