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 Help for LPI, IELTS, SAT and Grade 4 to 12 Students by Michele Wong
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Michele Wong provides Writing & Grammar tuition, student mentoring as well as career guidance for  Grade 8 students through University levels in Vancouver BC at affordable rates.  Contact her for a quote.


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  Student Counselling and Mentoring I use my UBC counseling and current coaching training to help students. But a large part of my help comes from actual experience working with students who have since gone on to Harvard, Wharton and who have received UBC scholarships. I've also counselled students who have shared various issues such as not fitting in with peer groups, being victims of bullying, low self-esteem and test anxiety. Parents have and can come for private sessions to receive support and discuss how to help their children manage certain challenges. $60/hour Confidentiality is always maintained and respected. Send Payment  
  Student tuition Having taught class courses for the LPI, the SAT test and the IELTS test, I know what constitutes an acceptable and a high level performance. Again, a large part of my help comes from actual experience working with students who have since gone on to Wharton, Harvard, Cambridge and who have received UBC scholarships. Tuition or mentoring depends on level and needs accordingly For college applicants, please email me with your desired colleges first. For any refugees, I have given lessons to non-profit organizations & if your case is serious, I will do my best to work something out to help.

Please keep phone enquiries to 15 minutes. Thank you for understanding my time constraints.
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  The Essay and Writing Guide ($18) is an emailed PDF file for students who need to prepare for an essay test (LPI, IELTs or TOEFL). This guide tells you everything you need to understand about essay and paragraph writing. It has been used to teach grade 12 and university students preparing for the English Provincial exam and for those preparing for the LPI test in the school I designed the course for. The guide covers all the necessary points on how to avoid sentence structure mistakes. It also includes important transitions and useful expressions that many university and grade 12 students can use and that will make their essays sound more mature and impressive. (See sample Writing Guide Chapter "Sentence Structure Problems") Send Payment  
  The Sky's The Limit ($14), the comprehensive student E-manual about living your student life successfully and meaningfully. Being a student mentor entails being involved with a studentís academic performance as well as a studentís approach to his or her school life. The first part includes many prep hours with International Baccalaureate students (With a minimum of 5 books and Theory of Knowledge!) or just covering the Provincial English writing. What I've found is that most students are overwhelmed with studying (and remembering) so much work as well as having to deal with extra curriculum activities. Some also have challenges in terms of their classmates and not really being sure they really want to be the lawyer their dad wants them to be. Hence my mentoring covers many areas including using great studying techniques and finding one's life purpose. Another large part of this manual covers how to have the right portfolio and how to write admission essays that express one's strengths and goals in the best possible manner whether it is for UBC, Berkeley, Wharton or Harvard). (See sample Chapter Listing) Send Payment  
  College Applications Please email for any inquiries. I have helped over a hundred students with their Common Application Essays as well the various personal statements. One must be ethical and write one's own essay. I will advise and edit to help you express your strengths and goals in the best possible manner whether it is for UBC, Berkeley, Wharton or Harvard). (See Common Application Advice) Send Payment  
  The 2018 LPI Essay Collection ($18 emailed PDF file) It has 30 of the Language Proficiency Index style essays written by an English instructor who has taught the LPI test in various schools. The argumentative essays are written in the new LPI essay format recently required. See how some students have managed to score 5/6 & 6/6 with similar essays.(See sample essay) Send Payment  
  The Comprehensive LPI Test Guide ($19 emailed PDF file) Having taught the LPI preparation course for over ten years, I've put together the most helpful lessons that cover every aspect of the LPI test in a PDF format. My class students have used the grammar lessons, the essay writing techniques and the idiom guide. Furthermore, I have designed some paragraph summary methods which will help students summarize paragraphs quickly and accurately. Two LPI tests are also included with full answers. Sample chapter page of the Comprehensive LPI Test Guide: Non-standard Expressions or Idioms Send Payment  
  The English Grammar Guide ($18) is a comprehensive 172 page emailed PDF file. It contains every grammar rule that has been tested in all major English proficiency exams such as the IELTS. Some elements are explained more than others. The decision of what to put in the book was weighed upon by how much a student really needs to know in order to write better as well as get a good grade in an English proficiency test. Hence a gerund is not extensively discussed but a list of words that often accompanies a gerund is provided, as this is what is often tested. (See Guide Content Index. See Sample Grammar Guide Chapter.) Send Payment  
  The IELTS Essay Collection Guide ($15) provides over 24 essay examples of the IELTS writing task 1 and task 2 tests in an emailed PDF file. It also provides useful strategies and helpful phrases that can be used for describing graphs in the task 1 test. These strategies have been used by our previous IELTS writing students who have managed to attain 7/9 for the IELTS essay section. Send Payment  
  LPI Essay Course ($70) includes the LPI Comprehensive Guide and the LPI Essay Collection in an emailed PDF file. I have taught the LPI essay writing courses to many classes. You can write 2 essays for my experienced critique. I will grade them according to the specific test requirements, inform you of all your written mistakes and give you an overall analysis of your writing needs and skills. You are not under any time pressure to finish them and you can peruse the essays and use any of the suggested expressions anytime. (See the Essay Guide sample chapter, the LPI (See sample essay)Send Payment  
  The LPI Essay Edit $18 to mark and give a comprehensive critique of your LPI Essay. I've marked a lot of LPI Essays and helped students achieve a 5/6 or 6/6. The challenge for some students is getting out of the "4 zone". I will give suggestions for each essay on how to do this.

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Help for LPI, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and Grade 12 Students by Michele Wong www.lpi-satessayhelp.com
 Writing & Grammar Services & career counselling for Grade 8 through University Levels in Vancouver BC
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